House Front Entrance Drop off Area.   

High density brick edging, with 2” thick  granite paving, all bonded to a concrete base slab.

Bluestone multiple- color full range   Bonded to concrete base slab with control joints.



Granite steps and brick patio, bricks were laid dry in sand on a prepared base. Finished with Polymeric sand joints,   Brick type - Styles & Hart Quality pavers laid in a diagonal running bond with soldier course retaining boarder.


Samuel Hobart House Built 1687 Hingham

Bolder wall

These boulders were spilt and dressed off site and reassembled as a dry laid wall.

Field stone steps and wall, with bluestone paving and walkway

A few more steps

Ponderosa Variegated  -  4" to 6”veneer

   Bluestone paving stone

Landscape Masonry - Walks , Patios, Walls, and Steps

Corinthian Granite mortared walls

Tabby Fire Pit

Casted  Lime Cement and Shells

Bluestone multiple paving, Thermal finish color full range.