Established in 1982 by:  John Millett

Licensed & Insured

We have done all aspects of residential masonry construction over the decades, along with small commercial projects. With the help of outstanding work associates and employees, we have been delivering quality workmanship consistently for many decades.

John Millett has lengthy experience in the building trades. Starting with an early on five year apprenticeship, along with his commitment to 'Lifelong learning' of old world skills, has brought a holistic understanding of building materials and application techniques. This brings a lot to restoration and repair of older masonry and more. If you have a project of interest, or need masonry repaired or restored , contact John Millett for more information.




Employment opportunities

While many trade organizations and unions are scrambling to encourage training and apprenticeships to address a work force shortage, in addition to the upcoming retirement of a large percentage of tradesmen and craftsmen nationally. A five year apprenticeship has been lowered to three to four years. On the lower side of residential hardscape masonry, months or weeks to be considered an installer by manufacturing companies, and sales Reps.

So acknowledging  a broad scoped masonry apprenticeship will be rare, and will most likely be sort after in the Skilled Trades.