Restoration and Repairs

 We offer a good resource to those owning older properties, while bring considerable history and savings. I will be happy to provide more information about the many benefits of Natural Lime. 


Modern masonry built with Portland cement mortars is also included in our color and mix matching, in addition to non-noticeable repair efforts. Our mortar matching capabilities are quite impressive with our procedures and techniques we use.

Above: Mark is doing some finishing touches, this chimney was reconstructed with restoration brick and natural lime mortar, complimenting a historical home in Duxbury Ma. 

The Rev. Ebenezer Porter Dyer House       Built 1855  Hingham, Ma         

 Original bricks here were reconditioned, removing damaging portland base mortar, and rebuilt with lime base mortar and appropriate joints size.

Second chimney was re-pointed to match.

Above two photos
Benjamin Thomas House          Built 1804   Hingham, Ma       

Original chimney brick could not be salvage.

New Restoration water struck brick were used for rebuilding, and laid with a ¼ weathering joint comparable to age of house.  

Erlund & Beryl House   Built 1939 Weston, MA

Chimney restorations done with spiked lime matching original mortar.  Working with slate roofing.

Above & Below photos

Buck House Abington, Ma

Fireplace chimney reconstructed to original design.

Thomas Plant Estate   Built 1910     Cohasset, Ma

Chimneys reconstructed from roofline up.

Hingham, Ma      

Chimneys were dismantled to roofline and bricks were reconditioned removing Portland cement mortar and re-laid  With lime base ¼ “weathering joints

William Hersey House      Built 1758     Whitman, Ma

Formal hall restoration

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Does this chimney look like it’s in disrepair? or does it look repaired? Or neither!

Half this chimney was rebuilt with mortar matching.                         Maybe Restored.


Above , this new chimney was build where one would have traditionally been built. Early Reproduction style Home

Customers commented-“It was like someone surgically installed a chimney within my house” 

Note.  No foot prints on the aged cedar roofing, or in the house.  

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Captain Joseph Smith House        Built 1857 Cohasset, Ma

While aloft, protecting roofing materials is important, that is why we stay off the roof as much as possible.  Here slate roofing requires additional skills.  


Restoration Lime  Plaster

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Clean and Safe Work Practices  

A typical concern with center chimneys is leaks and the flashing. Most often it is not the flashing you see that is the problem. Older masonry and modern masonry have had very different concepts in construction. 

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